About Us

image Research shows that mentoring relationships that consist of frequent contact, social and emotional support, and guidance are associated with a youth's positive outcomes in academics, behavior, social relationships, and self-concept. For Their Tears - Hope Project Mentor Program connects participants with compassionate mentors who inspire hope and equip them with the tools to overcome their challenges and achieve their dreams. Our Mentorship program can focus on career exploration, career readiness, financial literacy and post-secondary planning. Mentors provide youth a structured weekly program that incorporates adult mentor in a group setting. Together, we engage youth in critical thinking, public speaking, problem solving, future planning and civic/community engagement activities.

__Mentoring relationships are established by matching mentors and mentees who have similar interests, gender, and ethnic or racial backgrouds, with mentees included in selecting their mentors.

__Initiating a match occurs through an introduction meeting that includes a parent/caregiver (when appropriate), youth/participant, mentor, and a program staff member. This meeting includes a conversation regarding expectations for the relationship, and about activities that may be of interest to the mentor and mentee.

__Mentorship program monitors activities and provides ongoing support to both the mentor and the mentee. Program staff will check in with mentors and mentees at least once per month to ensure that the match is progressing well and to ensure no issues have come up that might impact safety or hinder the relationship.

__A mentoring relationship may end prematurely due to various reasons, or it may flourish and endure until the intended closing time. In both cases, there is potential for a positive learning experience for the mentee, mentor, and service providers. Our intentional formal closure process provides feedback which evaluates the program's preparation, support, and training of the participants in order to increase future success, and decrease an sense of loss or abandonment for mentees.