Home School Education

image Since For Their Tears-Hope Projects is a long-term after care facility that helps rescued children heal and grow into strong, independent young' adults. One of the most important gifts that we offer is their accelerated homeschool program. This program allows the children to get a customized education plan that caters to their specific educational needs.

For most of these kids, attending a public school right after being rescued is not a healthy or even viable option. When someone had been through so much trauma, there are many things that can "trigger" terrible memories and send them into a downward spiral. Being so far behind in academics, they are not able to jump into a classroom and pick up where they left off.

This makes homeschooling the perfect option.

Our kids get to enjoy so many unique learning experiences beyond their traditional studies. An early morning nature hike, daily Bible devotions, learning basic business concepts through selling fish from our own aquaponic systems, tending to the rescue horses and vegetable gardens, and enjoying some unique field trips are just som of the benefits they get to experience because they are homeschooled.

Beyond the Basics

As our community of teachers and mentors model healthy boundaries and relationships, the rapport built with these young adolescence help them to know that they are safe and can open up further dialogs about the issues of abuse, exploitation, alienation, stigmatism, and shame. Just as they need information about what situations or actions may open the door to re-victimization, they also need information about what is healthy when it comes to personal boundaries, consent, relationships, and sexuality.