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    Hope Project Houses

    Meeting Physical and Emotional Safety Needs First

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    Hope in the Future

    Healing, Empowering, Promoting & Creating a Sense of Hope.

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    Comprehensive Active Therapeutic Activities

    Emplowering Reconnection through Experiencial Learning and Positive, Healthy Relationships and Interactions.

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    Human Rights Advocacy

    Minimizing Re-Victimization; Challenging Alienation, Stigmatism, and Shame.

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    Peer & Adult Mentor Networks

    Creating Opportunities, Building Skills. Fostering Dreams.


Bringing Hope, Healing & Restoration!

image For Their Tears - Hope Project is a comprehensive faith-based multi-purpose rescue and restoration ranch designed to provide a safe haven for children of sexual exploitation, trafficking or abuse; women and their children escaping domestic violence, and animals rescued from abuse and neglect. Our goal is to provide a safe, nurturing, and therapeutic space, where these victims can become overcomers, by coming to know the love of God and understanding the healing He can provide through Spirit-filled believers called for this purpose. It is movement for wholeness in a fragmented world, unified by our common faith and in our common call to justice and service in the ways that God calls us to serve, so that these overcomers can become what they were always meant to be, children of the living God filled with hope, purpose, and love.


Combating the Effects of Trauma!

image Trauma Specialists report that the time frame of just beginning to recover from these types of complex trauma events takes a minimum of 4-5 years.
The essential psychological effect of Trauma, an assault to a person's biology and psyche, is a shattering of innocence. Trauma creates a loss of faith that there is any safety, predictability, or meaning in the world, or any safe place in which to retreat. It involves utter disillusionment. Because traumatic events are often unable to be processed by the mind and the body as other experiences are, due to their overwhelming and shocking nature, they are not integrated or digested. The trauma then takes on a life of its own and, through its continued effects, haunts the survivor and prevents normal life from continuing until the person gets help.

Difficulty sleeping and concentrating, irritability, anger, agitation, panic attacks, intrusive memories, nightmares, flashbacks and other hyperarousal and re-experiencing symptoms often lead to a disconnection from feelings and from vitality, which is replaced by numbness or a sense of deadness. Victims lose interest in life and other people, feel hopeless, isolated, and avoid any thoughts and feelings associated with the traumatic event. They literally are like the walking dead.